About Dentify

We're creating a community for you to discover your passion and purpose in dentistry.


Dentify's industry-leading courses help dentists find passion and purpose in their career. 


Since launching in 2018, Dentify has empowered more than 10,000 dentists across the world with our content and personally taught over 5000 on one of our courses. 

We want to help dentists with their journey to a fulfilling career. By¬†teaching you everything you need to know for an exam, Dentify helps you get your first choice placement. But that's only the beginning. As Dentify¬†founder Dr. Vinay Raniga explains, ‚ÄúDentify¬†knows you're¬†serious about your dental education,¬†so we are too.‚ÄĚ

Our team is made up of students who got their first choice placement in previous years, achieving 100% in at least one exam for their DFT/DCT recruitment exams. 

It's all about the people

We want to help you get your first choice placement like we helped Niamh. 

Our aim is to get you in the DFT place that you want to be next year. Our mission is to fuel you with passion and purpose for your career. Watch Dr. Niamh Doyle's story on ranking fourth in the U.K having taken Dentify's course in 2019.


Our Expert Team

Dr. Roma McNeil

Dr. Roma McNeil graduated from Leeds Dental School in 2019 and achieved her first choice placement in North Yorkshire 2. 

Dr. Aaron Gill

Dr. Aaron Gill graduated from Peninsula Dental School in 2019 and achieved his first choice DFT placement in Berkshire. 

Dr. Ollie Jacob

Dr. Ollie Jacob graduated from Cardiff Dental School in 2019 and achieved his first choice DFT placement in Cardiff. 

Dr. Yasmin Zeina

Dr. Yasmin Zeina graduated from Bristol Dental School in 2019 and achieved her first choice DFT placement in Bristol. She now works in a full-private practice in Bristol and has a passion for endodontics. 

Dr. Arjun Gill

Dr. Arjun Gill graduated from Barts and the London Dental School in 2019 and achieved his first choice DFT placement in the West Midlands. He is interested in cosmetic dentistry. 

Dr. Vinay Raniga

Vinay is the founder of Dentify. He graduated from Barts in 2018 and is a Top 50 DFT & DCT in the UK. He was accepted into the Class of 2022 at Oxford University for the MPP. 

Let us help you get your first choice dental placement. 

We run intensive, blended courses all over the U.K. so you don't have to travel far to learn about the DFT/DCT exams. Are you ready to start this journey?