You're serious about getting your first choice dental placement. 
We are too. 


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We want to help you get your first-choice DFT placement. 

Dentify runs intensive courses and a nurturing community to help you get your first-choice placement for DFT & DCT. Over the last two years over 500 students from all across Europe have trusted us in their journey to success. We’ve been so successful, that every single student that has come on our course has said they would recommend us to the year below! Just ask them. Watch our highlights from our course last year in Cardiff. 

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Our courses are taught by those who got 100% in at least one exam last year. You get all the knowledge you need to excel.


We're not just a day-course. We provide 24/7 support throughout the year in our exclusive coaching groups. 


We know it's hard to keep up with lectures. In our courses, all the content discussed is yours through our booklet or online resources. 


Our courses come to you live in-person.

Last year we ran ten courses around Europe. We went from Sheffield to Plymouth,  from Belfast to Madrid and everywhere in between. We're doing the same this year; all our courses are live and in-person. Your safety is our priority: our courses are socially distanced with all precautions according to government guidelines. Watch our highlights from our course last year in Bristol!

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Real Students. Real Results.

When you take our courses you're joining the 500+ serious students who have done so in the past. Read carefully. You might recognise some of them below! 

Everything you need to know. 

What we teach you is a made up of hundreds of hours worth of research that's been tried and tested. Not only do we have all the knowledge you need to get your first-choice placement, but we will also help you fine tune your application of that knowledge so you know exactly how to approach the DFT Recruitment Exams. Hear what Niamh Doyle, a newly-qualified dentist from the University of Leeds, had to say about the DFT process last year.

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Dentify is passionate about your success


100% YES

After every course we deliver, we send out an anonymous survey. Over 500 students have taken our course and they've all said they would 100% recommend it to a student in the year below. 

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In that same anonymous survey, we asked all 500 students to rate our course out of 10. We're on 8.9. To put that into perspective that's the same rating as the Dark Knight, Inception and Pulp Fiction on IMDB. We got you. 

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What is important to all our students is that we have an ongoing community. The learning doesn't end after the day-course. Our constant guidance to all your questions, day or night, has been reassuring to all our alumni. 

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Since we're both serious about getting you your first-choice dental placement, let's make it official. Find out about our courses. 


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