Community is important to us as learning doesn't just happen in one day. Alongside our free notes covering all the advice we give on the day-course, booking with us provides you 24/7 messenger access to our experts until you get your results. We will answer all your questions! 

Learn from those who got 100% in at least one of their interviews for the exam you're sitting. The great thing about us is that our courses are run by those who recently went through the process so they are to-the-point: no rambling, no patronising, no confusion. We tell you exactly what you need to know and how you need to say it to get your first choice placement.  

No more travelling! We know you're busy in your final year. That is why we are running courses every weekend in October all around the U.K, not just in the big cities. Check if we're running a course near you. 

Only attending our courses gives you access to our Genius course notes created with the help of previous assessors. It's packed full of helpful, directly advise on what you need to do to ace each part of the DFT/DCT process.   


Meet The Team

Dr Vinay Raniga

Dr Vinay Raniga achieved 100% in his communication station for DFT 2018. He secured his first choice DFT placement five minutes walk from his family home and achieved a summative score of 95% in his interviews for DCT.  

Dr Manthan Patel

Dr Manthan Patel achieved a position on the competitive North-West London Scheme. PML and SJT preparation are his strengths. He is currently working in a dental practice in Ealing as a general dentist. 


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